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Most surfers know the Alaia. This original surfboard of the Hawaiians captured the line ups around the world a few years back. To many surfers it has given back the original gliding feeling that everybody feels during his first ride out on the wave and that made him never look back since.


Less well known is that the modern bodyboard as well has its historical predecessor: The Paipo Board.


Like the Alaia, the Paipo Board is made entirely of wood and shall be surfed without fins.

Thereof inspired is TIMBERWEDGE.


The Alaia nowadays often is produced in its original form and size to convey an authentic surf experience. Only lighter and more flexible wood is used than in past times.


The idea for TIMBERWEDGE goes one step further in linking tradition and modernity.

The goal was to combine that original gliding feeling of a wooden board with the handling of the modern bodyboard. At high speed down the line there is no risk of losing stability or control – this is why the TIMBERWEDGE makes radical cut backs, 360°degree spins and drop-knee maneuvers possible.


The buoyancy is less, in comparison to the modern PE and PP boards. Due to its material you may have to paddle a little harder. In return you can dive through the wave easier because of its lower volume. You will get used to it pretty quickly. With its bodyboarding fins you can very quickly pace up, so you won’t miss many waves anymore. This fact makes the TIMBERWEDGE indeed quite suitable for beginners.


Handmade from 100% Paulownia wood, a fast-growing timber, which is known for its exceptional lightness, flexibility and salt water resistance, glued with organic epoxy resin (greenpoxy56®) and laminated with solventless linseed oil, it's the most environmentally friendly way to surf. As such it should be part of every board quiver. Only the integrated leash-plug is still made of conventional plastic. We are working to eliminate even this "unnatural" detail.


Each TIMBERWEDGE is unique. It is handmade and will be produced only on order. Therefore, in times of strong demand, there might possibly be longer waiting and delivery times, as necessary to ensure the highest quality standards for your individual piece. Length and width of the board will be determined by the size of the surfer and have to be agreed on individually. Of course we will help you to choose the right size.


The price is 325 € per board plus shipping.


Interested? You want more information? Just use the contact form for your inquiry! We will get back to you asap.

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